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Trailer Decking and Refurbishing

We recondition all types, makes and models of trailers. A standard recondition service that we offer is stripping off your old rotted deck, sandblasting, epoxy primer and a 2k polyurethane paint. Then we install the decking of your choice, typically shiplap apitong, which is known for its hardness and weather-ability and is standard on most newer trailers. Additionally we can color match your reefer trailer to your tractor the right way with an acid etch, etch primer, epoxy primer and base/clear topcoat that will not peel off like others paint often does. Our facility is environmentally compliant with one of the largest paint booths and blast rooms in South Florida.

We dont recommend using pressure treated pine on any semi trailers as it is a very soft wood that does not weather as well as other options but we have put it on some. On lowboys, rough sewn oak or apitong is typically installed.

Types of Trailers

  • Hydraulic Detatchable Lowboys
  • Dovetail Trailers
  • Landolls
  • Flatbeds
  • Step Decks
  • RGN
  • Tag Trailers
  • Stretch Trailers
  • Jeeps
  • Boom Dollys
  • Color Matching Reefer Trailers

Apitong Trailer Decking

Apitong (keuring) is a tropical hardwood from Malaysia that is naturally rot and decay resistant making it ideal for trailer decking.  Most applications use a shiplap pattern similar to a tongue and groove to interlock the boards on the trailer.  Tropical hardwoods grow at a more uniform rate due to the more balanced climate which cuts down on knot formation and provides a more uniform and stronger wood.  

Even though apitong is very weather resistant, it is good practice to seal your new trailer deck using a commercially available sealer such as Thompsons.