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A/C Systems

We manufacture and install a/c systems in South Florida and offer a very high quality, cost effective product.  Since we manufacture and install our own systems, we are typically 25-50% less expensive than other manufacturers.  For fleet owners, bus dealers and school districts with multiple bus installations required at one time, we can provide mobile installation at your facility.


   RE-Bus A/C System Features:
  • School bus systems from 30k BTU to 130k BTU.  Rooftop units available with higher capacities. 
  • Flush mounted bulkhead evaporators, side/ceiling mounted evaporators, in dash systems and rooftop units available
  • Rooftop or Skirt Mounted Condensers
  • .063 Aluminum evaporator housings which are very strong and lightweight
  • Rifled (enhanced) copper tube and fin evaporator coils. ASHRAE rated performance specifications available.
  • Parallel flow aluminum skirt mounted condensers (Copper tube and fin condenser coils are optional)
  • Hand layed gel coated fiberglass evaporator covers that will not yellow with age or crack like plastic covers
  • Condenser enclosures made with aluminum ensuring a long corrosion resistant lifespan and very lightweight
  • Genuine Spal condenser fans
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Exterior electrical connections are high performance heat shrink connectors (Weatherpack connectors are optional)
  • Interior connectors utilize packard harnesses and/or nylon connectors
  • Standard automotive Bosch style relays
  • Standard ATC fuses and/or 2 pole auto reset breakers
  • Bussman Power Distribution so no expensive and delicate circuit boards to go bad
  • Parker and Goodyear hose with hydraulic crimp fittings.  We can use any style of hose including e-z clip as an option to match your current fleet
  • Baked aluminum interior hose covers - vandal proof and dont crack and deteriorate with age
  • Thermal wrap on all interior suction line fittings
  • CAD desgined and CNC produced compressor brackets supplied from the industry leader in auxillary engine mounting products
  • Digital automatic climate controllers that are water resistant, shock tested, salt spray tested, immersion tested and extreme temperature tested to exceed US automotive standards
  • On Board Diagnostics
  • Hi/Low pressure compressor cutoff switches to protect the compressor in the case of condenser fan failure or leaks
  • Clean and professional installation
  • In stock replacement parts
  • 1 year limited warranty on parts
  • 6 month limited warranty on labor

Other A/C Systems

  • In dash drivers ducted units
  • Underdash drivers unit
  • Heavy equipment engine driven a/c systems 12v and 24v available
  • Roof mounted engine driven ducted systems
  • Electric "RV" style units
  • RV and Motorhome Custom Engine Driven a/c Systems - No more generator running while driving
  • Battery powered units for no idle zones on trucks
  • Diesel Powered APU Units for Sleepers
  • Hydraulic driven compressor systems for crane cabs and other applications where refrigerant piping from the engine source is not possible
  • On highway truck systems ducted or freeblow
  • Emergency Vehicle Systems for Ambulances, Fire Trucks and Mobile Command Units
  • Box Truck and Van Refrigeration Engine Driven with optional 115v plug in
  • Custom designed systems for busses and other mobile units

We Offer the Following Services:

  • A/C system design, manufacturing and installation
  • Refurbishment of exisiting systems in busses, trains, trucks and equipment
  • Custom hose making and repair on site or in house
  • A/C Parts sales for most systems